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Who We Are

Who we are

Middle East Studies is a team of highly experienced researchers supported by a strong field operation M.E.S. epitomizes the enthusiasm of the team with the experience and professionalism of its background. We produce high quality national coverage interviewing by maintaining close contact with both our supervisors and our interviewers, and ensuring that there can be direct feedback from the field at any time. We like our interviewers to know that they are part of the company and not just names on a list. The interviewers are recognized as the most important part of the operation and this is reflected in the lengths we go to in training, checking, retraining and rechecking all aspects of their work varying from top quality face-to-face interviewing to telephone interviewing, to focus groups...

Integrity & independence

Middle East Studies specializes in research designed to meet objectives within stringent timing or budgetary constraints without sacrificing quality, validity or usefulness. In other words our approach to research design and interpretation is:

  • Made to meet clients' objectives
  • Made to provide actionable solutions.
  • Flexible and cost effective
M.E.S. is an independent Research company. It provides high quality rapid interviewing and survey research efficiently, effectively and imaginatively. Our critical team have the professional, statistical and technical expertise necessary to undertake and design on time Cost Effective problem solving research.

We are professional

Our M.E.S. Team of consultants are professionals, well aware and knowledgeable economists and analysts of the current international business arena. They combine their competence and professionalism emanating from long years of experience in both private and public sectors, into providing their clients with the most efficient and beneficial strategy indispensable to any decision making.

Hight Standards

Our high team standards mean:

  • Innovative, creative, imaginative and most importantly practical, reliable and effective research design.
  • Integrated qualitative and quantitative methodology used by our experienced team.
  • Thorough and intelligent research skills.
  • An analytical and pragmatic approach which provides actionable solutions.
Through our team of experts and methodology we stand proud to say that Middle East Studies is:

  • Creative enough to choose the right approach.
  • Trained to be rigorous.
  • Experienced enough to be flexible.
  • Witty, reliable and confident enough to provide answers

Sector of Surveys

Business & Management
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Les Dieux et les Editeurs ·by Tannous Mouawad ·
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Our services

Imaginatively designed

Based upon a thorough understanding of the problem and decision options.


Professionally administered

National constituency based field force working through experienced regional supervisors and head office field man agents.Using questionnaires that flow like conversations. We interrogate our data not our respondents.


Intelligently and sensitively interpreted

by very experienced, accessible, open minded researchers.


Actionable research

always on time and presented / reported against the objectives with clear recommendations for action.


We can find an answer for every question in Lebanon related to economic, political and social situations.

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